SPARK Demo brings together the region's most successful manufacturers, exporters, opinion leaders, employers, brightest start-ups, business support organiszations, educational institutions, and R&D institutions to one room.

 Companies exhibitions illustrate their strengths and uniqueness, and provide an opportunity to share their success stories to investors, other businesses, citizens and public servants from all regions and nations.

Visiting the centrer is free to all of our guests and is open on weekdays from nine to five. 


Visitors interested in what is happening in the business landscapes of Tartu City and in South Estonia in general.

 Also if You are looking for new ideas, partners, job opportunities, internships or a new and exciting place for your events.

 You are welcome to come check out SPARK Demo centre! 


SPARK Demo has hosted thousands of visitors from at least 20 different countries, including entrepreneurs, public servants, investors, academics, school children, students, opinion leaders, activists, specialists, politicians and many others.

According to the target audience, we offer to the groups 30–90 minutes overviews of the SPARK Demo centrer which includes stories about the companies, the South-Estonian business environment, partners and networks.

Send us your inquiry via the adjacent form and come to visit us!

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