Meeting room

Room capacity: 12 people Area: 30 m2 Equipment: Whiteboard, projector, Wifi


Room capacity: 200 people Area: 200 m2 Equipment: Whiteboard, projector, Wifi, stage, speakers, microphones

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Meeting room

There is a table with 12 chairs. If necessary, it is possible to add seats in a theatre style for ten more people. There is a data projector (HDMI, VGA), 74'' touch screen, coffee machine and water dispenser available in the room.

Demo room 

This is an attractive multi-functional room, where it is possible to arrange stand-up receptions (up to 200 people), theatrestyle seminars (up to 100 people) as well as training courses where tables are used (up to 40 people). There is 2.5 m x 4 m screen and a powerful projector (HDMI). If desired, you can also use the water dispenser and coffee machine are available.